Vision on knowledge and performance


Some tools and services a company should provide to manage the Knowledge chain:


  • Employee should have only 2 clicks to be supported at his workplace in the moment of need based on his role and context. This can be a contextual role based help for IT application, but it can also be process, location, QR code, … for other tasks.
  • Knowledge repositories where knowledge is structured. No knowledge duplication.
  • Universal knowledge content off the shelf.
  • Author tools to create, translate and keep up to date the content that is specific to your company.
  • Push content to the employees based on their role, needs and actual skills.
  • Skills evaluation campaigns and testing.
  • Match the skills with job descriptions to propose customised training content for more employability in actual and future job.
  • Employee should be able to enquire for internal mobility in a job catalogue based on his skills.

At FERN we have the knowhow to cover all the points here above. 

Our products

Tt performance suite (ttps) is a tool which covers all user adoption requirements. It ensures your workforce can access all the knowledge and help it needs at exactly the right moment – from the very first day of your digitalization project and for all day-to-day tasks.The centralized solution standardizes, simplifies and speeds up the creation of learning content and the performance support throughout your company for all functions and processes. With ttps employees see only content which is relevant to their role(s) and to their context.
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Syfadis experience is a suite that enable your employees to become fully involved in their employability and to achieve their ambitions. By helping everyone to realize his or her potential, Syfadis Experience contributes to overall company performance. It covers all the domains learning, evaluation and talent.
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If you want to produce high quality e-learning and interactive IT simulations at the press of a button or if you’d like fellow employees to be able to navigate through business processes in complete confidence. Whatever the case, we combine web-based training, documentation, processes, online help and performance support. Our internal tools let us collaborate with our customers on the projects. We can do only some coaching or do the full project.
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